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Dental bridges are a common solution to one or more missing teeth. Bridges are fixed, unlike other missing tooth solutions such as dentures, and use surrounding teeth for support. As with all treatments at Farnham Road Dental Practice, all of our dental bridges are metal-free. They are aesthetically pleasing and use the latest materials and thinking to produce the best possible results. If you need a dental bridge you will require two appointments, two weeks apart.

Losing one or more teeth can cause you to feel very embarrassed about your smile, hiding it away even from close friends and family. However, there are more than just aesthetic reasons to replace a missing tooth.

Having one or more missing teeth puts additional strain on any remaining teeth, while surrounding teeth can try to move into the gap, becoming crooked in the process. This can affect your bite, and can lead to complications with food getting trapped in the space, potentially leading to problems such as gum disease.

Bridges are a suitable replacement for missing teeth only if the surrounding teeth are strong enough to support the bridge and have adequate bone support.

Fixed bridges comprise crowns on the teeth on either side of the gap, with a false tooth joining the crowns together and filling in the space. Bonded bridges use wings attached to the backs of the supporting teeth.

If a dental bridge is suitable for you, you will need two appointments. At the first appointment your dentist will prepare your teeth and take impressions of the supporting teeth and gap. All of our bridges are made from tooth-coloured ceramic, so we will match your bridge closely to the natural colour of your teeth. You will be fitted with a temporary bridge so that you aren't left with a gap between appointments.

All impressions, measurements and information on colour will be sent to our laboratory for your permanent bridge to be manufactured. After two weeks your bridge will be ready and we will call you back for a second appointment to attach it securely. We will also give you special instructions on caring for and cleaning your dental bridge to keep your mouth in the best condition.

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