Putting your mind at ease with regular mouth screening

What is considered regular?


When considering the definition of the word ‘regular’ there are a variety of situations which suggest a daily or weekly process. Luckily, when it comes to your oral health the regular cleans at home are to be daily, but the regular dental check-ups are generally within the 6 to 12 month bracket, leaving time to enjoy your life in between. A check-up once or twice a year written down on paper may not seem a lot, but for some this simple check-up appointment can often be delayed or eliminated altogether. Whilst it may seem insignificant due to lack of noticeable dental pain or changes, these dental check-ups along with mouth cancer screening Guildford can be a huge factor when it comes to your overall oral health. After all, preventive dentistry works best when your dental team sees you for a visit.

Creating healthy habits

Whilst we all have good and bad habits we like to carry out on a day-to-day basis, booking in for our regular dental appointments is one habit we want to get firmly in place. These short periods of time, just a couple of times a year, allow our overall oral health to be monitored and efficiently improved when necessary through care both in and out of the dental practice. Our aim at our practice is to have you as comfortable as possible with your dental team, so that you are happy to approach us should you notice even the slightest change to your mouth and think you need a mouth cancer screening Guildford.

A small lump, lesion or ulcer may be simply that, but it can also be a sign of something more serious which is why we strive to work with you and ensure that you attend regular appointments with our dental team. This is one healthy habit we want to keep implementing, as an appointment can help diagnose and treat a potential problem early on.

Early detection

When researching mouth cancer one of the most common benefits of treatment and recovery is the early diagnoses of the cancerous cells. This is why we highly recommend regular appointments for mouth cancer screening Guildford. These screening appointments combined with your regular dental check-ups allow us all to monitor and effectively spot any changes within the mouth, teeth and gums which in turn helps diagnose potential problems early on. This early detection then, in most cases, leads on to less invasive treatments and procedures eliminating the vast majority of the infections or cancerous cells before they become far more extensive.

Forgetting shyness

Now we understand that for some, a visit to the dental practice can be rather daunting and something they would rather not do. However, the benefits of regular visits are so vast that we at Farnham Road Dental Practice consistently strive to work with our patients to ensure they are comfortable enough through every visit and feel able to attend regular appointments with us. If you are struggling with any aspect of your visit, let our team know and we will work on a plan with you to get you happily through the doors and ready for your appointment.

Eliminating the ‘what if’ and replacing it with ‘what now’ with mouth cancer screening Guildford

The unknown can be an exciting and thrilling time, but it can also be a scary or unnerving situation. When it comes to your oral health, more often than not a change noticed within the comfort of your own home can be something which causes doubt and the oral hygiene routine carried out on a daily basis may not feel enough anymore. Whilst sitting at home, contemplating all the possible causes or results may seem beneficial at the time, in truth the quickest way to put your mind at ease is to book an appointment with us at Farnham Road Dental Practice.

How can we help?

Whenever any changes within the mouth catch your attention, do not be afraid or embarrassed to contact our dental team to discuss the problem and get seen with a mouth cancer screening Guildford by your dental team. Whilst not every change is life threatening or something sinister, it is important to work together to ensure that your overall oral health remains on top form both in and out of the practice. After all, we are a team.


When an alteration to the mouth occurs, whether it be persistent ulcers which won’t go away or constant bleeding of the gums becoming apparent, by informing our team of the changes and concerns we are able to get you into our care promptly and begin investigating the possible causes of the change. It may be a simple retainer, rubbing the mouth in a particular area that causes the ulcers or it may be that the gum is showing signs of tumours rather than ulcers and therefore needs a more direct approach to treat and eliminate the problem. No matter what the issue, our dental team is on hand to support, guide and assist you throughout the process and beyond. 

Having a screening

As some changes to our health are not always noticeable, it is important to attend regular appointments for a general check-up along with a mouth cancer screening, Guildford. These appointments, which are generally carried out on a 6 monthly or yearly basis, whilst barely impacting your daily life in terms of time, can mean the difference between diagnosing a potential problem early on rather than waiting for the effects to take place. This early detection process can not only drastically improve the chances of recovery, but also help your dental team to work closely with you to reduce and eliminate the potential recurrence of the cancerous cells.

Reducing your chances with healthier habits

Whilst anyone can unfortunately become subject to cancerous cells, there is a strong connection between smoking and mouth cancer. For this reason, and to help with other dental problems that are greatly linked to smoking, we will always encourage you to quit smoking and provide you with as much help as possible to eliminate the bad habit altogether. After all, whilst the mouth cancer screening, Guildford, is extremely useful in helping us diagnose the cancer, it is through treatment and reducing the risks that we can all help eliminate the problem further.

Accessing treatments for emergencies and dental pain Guildford

When toothache begins to present itself to a patient, more often than not a simple use of paracetamol and continuing on with the day is considered an adequate treatment. Whilst in some cases this can be all that is needed, for those whose daily lives are being negatively impacted as a result of this persistent pain, further action may be needed. After all, what is the cause of the pain and if left untreated, what further damage could occur?

Whilst at no point are we suggesting that every single toothache experienced has a more sinister implication behind it, in some cases, this simple but painful toothache could be an underlying symptom of further dental problems and therefore seeking an appointment with a dental practice that specialises in emergencies and dental pain Guildford is of the utmost importance. Tackling dental problems early on often eliminates or reduces the need for more extensive treatments or procedures further down the line, so a simple appointment could save you time, money and further dental problems.


Possible emergency dental situations

Although there are a variety of circumstances when an emergency dental appointment may be required, it is important to understand what may be considered an emergency dental situation.

Should you be unfortunate enough to have severe bleeding from the mouth, it is essential to contact your dentist immediately, so that they can find the cause, control the bleeding and discover what the root cause of this issue is. Whilst in some cases the bleeding may be down to something less sinister, signs of heavy bleeding are not a normal occurance and therefore seeking help and advice promptly is important.

If you are suffering from a toothache so severe that your daily life is greatly impacted, whether it is being unable to sleep, eat or talk without pain, it is important to give your dental team a call. At Farnham Road Dental Practice we understand the need for services at all times, which is why our dental team provides out-of-hours care for emergencies and dental pain Guildford. After all, should this occur on a Friday night, no one expects you to suffer throughout the whole weekend. This is why our dental team is on hand evenings and weekends to ensure that all our patients are covered.

It may be that an accident has occurred which has created damage to the mouth, teeth or gums. As with all accidents, it is important to get checked over to ensure that the impact of the incident is minimal. When it comes to your dental care this is no different. Whether it was a knock to the mouth through physical contact with another person or object, or whether it is as a result of cleaning the teeth too harshly, it is important to contact your dental team for a check over. Leave it to the expects to decide whether or not your accident or pain is worth the appointment, their experience combined with their expertise will ensure that they address any problems early on.

Putting your mind at ease

Whilst not every emergency dental appointment leads to extensive treatments or procedures, seeking advice from one of the dental team on any accidents or unusual pain and discomfort is important to ensure you are on top form with your dental care. It may be that the appointment simply puts your mind at rest, but either way, emergencies and dental pain Guildford are always taken seriously.

Accessing dental care for emergencies and dental pain

Whether through accidental damage or due to discomfort building up over time, toothache, tooth loss and other dental issues can become unbearably painful in some cases. Therefore seeking professional help immediately is often advised. Whilst some patients may think of avoiding an appointment and waiting out the pain, if something within the mouth is uncomfortable or does not feel right it is important to address the problem so as to reduce the possibility of further repercussions.


Weekend and evening emergency dental care

Whilst it would always be more convenient for any dental pain to occur during the normal day-to-day dental practice hours, this is not always the case. Therefore pushing through the pain may feel like the only option. But if the damage happens late on a Friday night, the last thing anyone wants is to wait until Monday for care to alleviate any potential pain. Luckily we, at Farnham Road Dental Practice, are fully aware of the importance of dealing with emergencies and dental pain Guildford as quickly as possible and therefore offer emergency appointments throughout evenings and weekends. At no point should you sit suffering in silence.

When should I seek an emergency appointment?

It is impossible for anyone other than yourself to know how much pain you are in from a tooth and whilst many may brush off toothache as nothing, it can impact our sleep, eating habits and even how we clean our teeth. If the ache is causing discomfort then it is important to contact your dental team to ensure you get the treatment you need. Emergencies and dental pain Guildford are not specific to tooth loss or any other particular dental issue, but can cover a multitude of problems and therefore at no juncture should a patient shy away from an appointment should they feel they need one. Our dental team is here to work with you to ensure you are in the best dental health possible.

Tooth loss and the importance of seeking help promptly

When a tooth is knocked out or falls out due to natural causes, the impact of the damage can spiral and whilst losing one tooth may seem unimportant, this can in time lead to infection, further tooth loss or a receding jawbone. Whilst this may come across as a little far fetched, these are the facts and when tooth loss is left untreated a multitude of problems can arise as a result. For this reason, should this happen to you, our dental team at Farnham Road Dental Practice urges patients to immediately book an emergency appointment. Emergencies and dental pain Guildford are not to be taken lightly which is why we offer extensive out-of-hours appointments. Your care and comfort is important to us and therefore we will do our best to meet your dental needs no matter what the hour.

Important things to remember

Whilst you may not feel as though your dental pain or situation warrants an emergency appointment, it is important to remember that you are the one to judge and no one else. If you are concerned, in discomfort or need peace of mind over a dental issue please contact our dental practice to enable us to help you.

Understanding when to access treatments for emergencies & dental pain Guilford

When tooth pain strikes, it can make our entire lives feel miserable as it is widely recognised as one of the worst types of persistent pain we can experience. It may also interfere with other aspects of our lives by making the simple tasks of eating and drinking difficult and may contribute to a lack of sleep.


In many cases, tooth pain can be a warning sign of a far bigger issue occurring within the mouth. For this reason, we recommended that you immediately seek the advice of our dentist at Farnham Road Dental Practice, who focuses on emergencies & dental pain Guildford. Receiving treatment early may be key when dealing with any issue causing you tooth pain.

It is also important for you to understand when you need to access the services designed to treat emergencies & dental pain Guildford as there are different situations where these treatments are required.

A brief outline of emergency dental situations

If you suffer from severe pain in your mouth, you should not ignore it because this often indicates a larger problem being present. You should contact our dentist to seek professional advice and receive treatment if necessary.

If you find you have some heavy bleeding from your mouth, you must contact our dentist straight away so that we can investigate.  Do not panic, there are many reasons why the mouth would bleed and not all of them are warning signs of larger issues. However, it is always best to have our dentist examine the teeth, gums, and mouth if bleeding occurs.

Should you find that a tooth has fallen out of your mouth, you should contact us as soon as possible. Early action in these cases may allow our dentist to reinsert the tooth into position. If possible, save and protect the tooth by placing it in a sealed container with salt water or milk, and remember to bring the tooth to your dental appointment with us for it to be examined and assessed.

If you find that you have some unexplained swelling around your mouth, you will need to seek medical advice. While your first instinct might be to call your doctor’s surgery, they may recommend that you contact an emergency dental service such as ours. Swelling around the mouth is often an early warning sign of an infection or abscess in the affected area, and early treatment with medication is vital in these cases and can make all the difference when it comes to the development of larger issues.

Finally, if you have been involved in an accident where your jaw and teeth have been damaged, then it is best to let our dentist examine them. In most cases, this may just be a precaution; however, there are cases, such as a broken jaw, where our dentist’s help and advice may prove vital.

Our hope

Our hope is you will never find yourself requiring emergencies & dental pain Guildford services, but, unfortunately, life happens. Hopefully, this article has provided some information that you may find useful during an emergency. Visit us at Farnham Road Dental Practice and we can provide you with more detailed information on our recommended dental routines and particular areas of dental care.

Know how to access help with emergencies & dental pain

We all understand the need to take care of our teeth and gums; brushing and flossing twice daily allows us to keep our teeth strong and healthy. This should help to ensure that we can use our teeth as intended, without feeling any pain or discomfort.


However, there may be times when we find ourselves in need of an immediate visit to the dentist due to pain or injury. Tooth pain is often quoted as one of the worst kinds of pain that we can experience. If you suffer from tooth pain, we at Farnham Road Dental Practice can provide you with emergencies & dental pain Guildford services and you can rest assured that our help will always be available to you.

We all understand the negative effect tooth pain can have upon anyone’s life. It can disturb our sleep patterns and make simple tasks, such as eating, drinking, or talking, hard work as we try to avoid further pain.

In cases of damage to the teeth caused by an accident

It is important to understand what you can do if you lose a tooth due to some form of trauma. Here, we are going to assume that the tooth has fallen out of its position, but you, as the potential patient, still have it in your possession. In cases like these, it is recommended that you first place the tooth in a sealed container of either milk or salt water as this will protect it from further harm.

At this point, you should contact our dental practice and attend an emergency appointment as soon as possible, taking the protected tooth with you. In some instances, it is possible to reinsert the tooth back into its position in the jaw. To achieve this, the tooth should be shielded from any more damage and you must attend an appointment immediately after your tooth has fallen out.

Do not live with tooth pain any longer

If you start to experience tooth pain, please do not ignore it as it can often be an early warning sign of another, more serious, issue. When you contact us at Farnham Road Dental Practice for our emergencies & dental pain Guildford services, the first thing we will do is prescribe some pain relievers. This should let you carry on using your teeth without severe pain, allowing you to get some much-needed sleep.

Once the pain issue has been addressed, we can then start to investigate its cause. At this point, our dentist will recommend a course of action that should resolve the underlying problem causing the pain.


Please remember that this article does not cover all instances where you may need to contact a dentist for emergencies & dental pain Guildford services. Therefore, our advice is this: if you feel the need to contact our dentist, thinking it may be an emergency, you should do so without hesitation. At Farnham Road Dental Practice, we can provide more detailed information on our recommended dental routines and particular areas of dental care.

5 advantages of having dental implants fitted by Farnham Road Dental

When you have a missing tooth or missing teeth as an adult, you have probably spent some time online searching for the best options to resolve the issue.


Currently, in dentistry, there are three; the reliable denture, a fitted bridge or the newer and more permanent solution of an oral implant. While more expensive than the other options, there are many benefits of having oral implants fitted if you can, and in this article, we will discuss the ones that our team have noticed with our patients.

At Farnham Road Dental Practice, we have our fair share of experience when it comes to fitting dental implants Guildford and can advise you on your suitability for this procedure, alongside helping with aftercare and long-term maintenance of it too.

With that in mind, what are some of the main advantages of having dental implants Guildford fitted?


Of course, as is the way with any cosmetic dental procedure, the first advantage that you will notice is the visually improved appearance of your smile.

But not only that; when you have dental implants Guildford fitted, you won’t need to worry about your smile moving or your new teeth rubbing on your gums. Meaning you will have more reasons to smile than ever.


Yes, it can seem that having oral implants fitted is pricey in the short term.

But long term, they can save you money. Missing teeth can cause surrounding teeth to move, causing issues with alignment and orthodontics, meaning with implants, you may save a fortune relating to adult braces and aligners.

They also prevent cavities and gum disease, meaning that you won’t have to pay out for restoratives and excessive scales and polishes. So eventually these tiny screws prove to be less of an expense.

Dental health

As mentioned before, there are many benefits that oral implants can offer in relation to your oral health; orthodontic, preventive and restorative.

But they can also prevent issues with acid erosion too. When you have missing teeth and break down food, often, larger chunks reach the stomach and cause it to create excessive amounts of acid. This in turn can cause acid reflux, which can damage the enamel on your teeth and heighten sensitivity. With implants, you are able to better chew your food, meaning that smaller portions of food reach your stomach, and a regular amount of stomach acid is created, easing acid-related issues.

So, there is more to having implants fitted than simply blocking a gap in a smile.

General health

The link between plaque in your mouth and heart disease, cancer and even strokes has been known for decades.

If you have gaps in your teeth, this can attract plaque and heighten your chances of developing these issues. Implants protect against that, by concealing the gaps and ensuring that plaque has got nowhere to hide in your mouth. So, better health all around!


As they are fitted to your jaw, your oral implants cannot (or should not) fall out. With correct aftercare and hygiene, they can last up to and over 15 years, meaning that when compared to other restorations like bridges and dentures, they have a much longer lifespan. Now that’s a smart investment in your smile!

5 common questions about dental implants from Farnham Road Dental

When it comes to dental care in this day and age, we have got almost every base covered.


If you want whiter teeth without sensitivity, we can offer you veneers. If you want a more symmetrical smile without metal, we can offer you invisible aligners. And if you want a missing tooth or teeth restored permanently, we can offer you oral implants.

Attached to your jaw, oral implants are a very long-term solution to missing teeth, that allows you to bite into harder foods and smile with confidence, without the hassle of dental glues and adhesives.

At Farnham Road Dental Practice, we can offer our suitable patients dental implants Guildford. Starting with a consultation and some X-rays, we can assess your suitability quickly and once fitted, provide you with targeted aftercare advice, catered to your mouth and any medical conditions that you may have. After all, keeping your smile looking great and functioning is what we do!

So, what are some of the most searched and asked questions about dental implants Guildford?

Our team answers them below.

Can I get them abroad cheaper?

Technically, yes, but you should always be wary of cosmetic dental options from abroad for set prices.

When you come to us for dental implants Guildford, we use excellent modern equipment to achieve the end result and, as mentioned before, we will cater your fitting and aftercare to your needs. In other countries, substandard materials may be used to offer a cheaper fitting cost, but the results will usually be subpar and ineffective. So, to ensure your implants are well fitted and long lasting, come to us.

Are they difficult to fit?


Our team has fitted many oral implants and will ensure that the fitting is straightforward.

In simple terms, we numb the implant site and then make an incision into the gum, peeling it back to expose the bone. We then drill a hole into the jaw and fit the implant. Once that is firmly in place, we sew up the gum line and that is it. You have a newly fitted implant.

Can any dentist fit them?

No, any dentist who fits oral implants will need to have attended additional training courses to perform this procedure correctly.

At Farnham Road, we have many members of our team who are trained in implantology, so when you come to us, you are getting experts in this field of dentistry.

What aftercare is required?

Once your implants are fitted, you will need to refrain from eating hard foods, to ensure the fusing process can begin and to prevent the implant site from being aggravated.

To clean the area, for the first few days, use a saltwater rinse and when you brush your teeth, use a soft-bristled brush. Do not use mouthwashes and if you notice signs of infection (discolouration around the implant site, unrelenting soreness and an offensive smell or taste), contact our team. However this is rare.

For more guidance on your individual aftercare, talk to our team.

How long do they last?

With correct aftercare, maintenance (such as attending biannual check-ups) and refraining from smoking and drinking excessively, your oral implants can last up to and over 15 years.

Nervous patients and how to get your dental needs met

Fears and phobias surrounding the dentist


Whilst each individual suffers from their fear of the dentist in their own unique way, rest assured that if you have anxieties you are not alone. Studies have shown that a high percentage of people with fears and phobias surrounding the overall dental experience have had them since childhood, partially due to minimal appointments being attended or bad experiences. However, this does not mean that your anxiety is just another one of those things that you need to overcome alone. Our team is here to support every single patient, no matter how big or small their fears may seem.

How to reduce and potentially eliminate anxiety surrounding dental visits throughout childhood

Attending regular appointments from the age of around 6 months old can drastically reduce fears surrounding dental appointments in later life. Each check-up appointment, which could be in intervals of 6 to 12 months, can help reinforce a positive association with the dental practice. In some cases stickers or a toy may be given after the check-up. Whilst this may seem like a very simple idea, the impact of the positive associations can last throughout an individual’s life. This is one of the many reasons that regular check-up appointments throughout childhood are encouraged, so as to reduce nervous patients Guildford in the future.

Containing the fears and attending our practice

When nervous patients Guildford regard visits to the dental practice, it is all too easy to postpone, delay and continue to put the appointments off. In some cases the appointments never get rebooked and years pass before any consideration towards a visit arises again. Whilst without any physical pain this may seem like the way forward, after all, why force yourself into an uncomfortable situation, it can actually create further dental problems leading to extensive dental work further down the line. This is most definitely something everyone wishes to avoid, particularly when anxiety is already apparent.

In order to make your experience within the dental practice a positive one each time, it is important for you to inform the practice of any anxieties you may have before attending the appointment. By informing our friendly reception team we can work with you to ensure that any extra measures that may need to be taken can be put in place to assist with your overall comfort. It could vary from a simple visit without any other patients present to a particular piece of music being played. No matter what, upon discussion with our team we will work together with you to ensure that each visit is as gentle as possible.

The environment

Along with our friendly, approachable team our practice has also ensured that the entire layout and decoration of our modern practice is as calming and relaxing as possible. The approach to ensuring your comfort throughout your visit is important and therefore the environment combined with the dental team will hopefully have you feeling as much at ease as possible from day one.

Whilst all treatments and procedures can carry small potential risks it is important to know that thorough checks and consultations are carried out before any are undertaken. It is also encouraged that all patients discuss everything under consideration with their local dental team, so as to fully understand the processes before deciding upon a course of action. This is of particular importance for nervous patients Guildford as they may then feel more at ease.

Nervous Patients Guildford – Taking the plunge and giving your dental practice a call

Avoiding dental visits for years and fearing the worst.


For those suffering from anxiety surrounding visits to the dental practice, it is all too easy to allow months and years to pass by without stepping foot into a dental practice. It may be that your overall oral hygiene does not suffer to the extent that pain begins to occur, however it is better to attend the dental practice before it becomes an absolute necessity. By attending appointments on a yearly basis at least the need for extensive treatments and procedures are greatly reduced which in turn will enable you to spend more time enjoying your life.

Things to understand.

A common misconception often arises among patients that should a certain amount of time pass by without attending an appointment, the dental team will reprimand and judge the patient. Whilst we may fear this approach and think the worst, rest assured this is not a common occurrence and whilst the media may suggest this occurs, in everyday life it is far from the truth.

Whether you have attended appointments every 6 months or have not visited in several years, our dental team is here to support and encourage you every step away. It may be that you feel more comfortable picking up the phone and giving us a call to start the process or it may be an email, no matter how you decide to get in contact, please rest assured your comfort is our priority and we will not leave you to face your fear alone.

Useful tips which may assist your visit

In some cases having a particular item or piece of music playing throughout your visit to the dental practice can assist with calming the nerves. When suffering from anxiety this can be a great source of redirection as having an item or music to focus on can often provide a sense of calm. We therefore encourage all Nervous Patients Guildford to discuss their individual needs with our friendly reception team to ensure we assist in whichever way possible. Your visits with us need to be as relaxing as possible each visit and therefore if we can help you achieve this then we will.

Visiting at a particular time?

There is no harm at all in requesting a particular time of day for your appointment. It may be that having the same time and day of the week for each appointment helps calm your nerves a little. Or it may be that attending an appointment first thing will ensure you attend rather than fret about the visit all day. All of these options are possible and therefore do not feel pressured to just go with any time, please ask and we will ensure that we come up with a variety of options to suit your needs.

If you are a Nervous Patient Guildford and any of the above applies to you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly, approachable team. Our aim is to get you through our doors and feeling comfortable within our calming environment whilst also maintaining and improving your overall oral hygiene.